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Cork is one of the most diverse flooring products available combining functionality, ease of maintenance and environmental sensitivity. It has been around for centuries and is gaining in popularity due to consumer interest in natural products that will not harm the earth or living environments.

Architects, Designers, and homeowners love the versatility and beauty of cork. It is suitable for all design styles whether traditional, contemporary or transitional. There are endless design possibilities with cork as it is available in tiles, planks, and natural and stained colors.


  • Cork is a comfortable cushion underfoot and is easy to stand on because it reduces stress on the lower back, feet, and joints.
  • Cork is resilient and will bounce back from marks left by furniture leaving minimal residual indentation. Due to its density, cork is resistant to chemicals that can be degrading.
  • Cork naturally repels water and does not absorb moisture making it perfect for use in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Cork is a quiet floor and reduces sounds and echoes while traveled on.
  • Cork retains surface heat in the winter and remains comfortable in the summer thereby making it a natural insulator and energy-efficient.  
  • Cork is a natural fire inhibitor and will not spread flames or produce toxic gases on combustion. 

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