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Wood Flooring Trends

Venetian Blind Wood Flooring

Wood flooring continues to be a timeless and classic floor covering choice that adds value to your home. Wood has always been considered the “gold standard” in the hard surface flooring category when compared to other types of faux wood flooring including laminate, vinyl, and tile. Today, manufacturers have utilized new processes and technology to make wood flooring options even more beautiful and durable than ever before.

Some of the current trends we are seeing in the wood flooring category include:


Wider widths – 7” to 8” and longer lengths – 6’ lengths and longer are trending.

This gives the wood floor more continuity and charm.


As far as trending wood species, domestic white oaks and European white oak woods are very popular. White oak wood offers a modern and contemporary look and allows better staining for the gray, white, and darker toned colors. Additionally, white oak wood is denser than traditional red oak wood making it more durable.


The matte and satin finishes are in as well as the low luster oil finishes that are all generally lower maintenance and a little more durable and visually more appealing. We are seeing less high gloss and high luster finishes because they generally show more scratches and are higher maintenance.


Most of the wood finishes we are installing have a smooth finish or very light wire brush. Additionally, we are seeing very little of the heavily scraped wood moving.


As far as color is concerned, both ends of the color spectrum from the light, natural colors to the very dark brown colors continue to be popular.

 Venetian Blind & Floor is ready to help you find your perfect wood floor!