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Countertop Trends & Styles

Today’s countertop trends are moving away from the darker, multi-colored granite options to the lighter tones of Quartz. Quartz is a natural stone engineered to offer beautiful and varied colors and textures. Its extraordinary high performance is attributed to the resistance of stains, acids, scratches, impacts, and bacteria. Easy to clean and maintain, Quartz is less porous than granite and does not need to be sealed.

Another popular choice for countertops, backsplashes, bathrooms, and other areas of the home is Quartzite. All quartzites are made of 100% minerals which give the stone its color and character. From monochrome to heavy streaks of color (veining), Quartzite offers diverse options in appearance and beauty.

Additionally, Venetian Blind offers a large selection of granite, solid surface, and laminate countertops. Whether you’re looking for traditional or contemporary, monochrome or patterned, light or dark, we’ve got you covered!

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